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Community Development

Skills development

I Care Resource Centre facilitates skills development in communities by identifying candidates that qualify and assist them to get accredited skills training. We provide training for unemployed persons with the purpose of enabling them to obtain employment. Our organisation empowers the public and our volunteers through:
  • Training on agriculture and handwork
  • Basic computer and business skills
  • Clothing and garment making
  • Early Childhood Development

Healthy Living

We want to run awareness campaigns for healthy living. Cancer, heart problems, gout amongst other things are health problems many people face today. We want to help people make smarter health and nutrition choices. There is a lot of teenage pregnancy so we must increase community awareness, knowledge and support of all possible means of prevention of STIs and HIV/AIDS. There is still a need to increase community awareness and knowledge of STIs and HIV/AIDS in order to assist community members to make more informed decisions about their lives. 

Recycling and community clean up

There aren't many safe parks and play areas in township communities. This community development project aims to clean up illegal dumps and build parks and recreational areas for the community.   

Training, skills development
Skills development
Food garden, community development