I Care Resource Centre

I Care Resource 

Because we care

I Care Resource Centre is a non-profit organisation that is involved in training and skills development. It was conceived out of the realization that there are many challenges faced by communities owing to poor education and skills shortage.
Youth Development Programmes

Our programmes include:

Early Childhood Development

Little Birds ECD Programme

We provide support through toy libraries and facilitating playgroups in various township areas in need.

This is for the purpose of physical, cognitive, emotional, social, language and communication development stimulation in children.

Kangaroo Parenting Programme

• Various aspects of early childhood development reach the community; promoting children’s rights, positive discipline, safety, protection and healthy family relationships.

*We are a SARS approved Section18A PBO. Please see our donation page for more details.

Youth Development

High Fliers Youth Development Programme

The youth of today face many challenges.  Vulnerable youths are at a particular disadvantage because of a lack of resources, guidance, self-esteem and a sense of belonging. Our programmes seek to enhance the quality of their lives by bringing about personal enjoyment, enriching their perspectives, encouraging intellectual stimulation, and fuelling an entrepreneurial mind-set. These programmes promote emotional/social well-being by granting the opportunity for youth to perform and grow through creativity and self-expression. 

Community development

Sakokuhle hand skills programme

We facilitates skills development in communities by identifying candidates that qualify and assist them to get accredited skills training.  

Our focus is on women, youth and persons living with disability. 

UNICEF South Africa

Little steps lead to success

' We teach children about love and care; about right and wrong. We prepare them for when they go to school, so they know how to be independent, how to hold a pencil, how to count.'
Drug addiction

Top 8 Reasons why Teens Try Alcohol and Drugs

  1. Other People
  2. Popular Media
  3. Escape and Self-Medication
  4. Boredom
  5. Rebellion
  6. Instant Gratification
  7. Lack of Confidence
  8. Misinformation
Barefoot Guide

The Barefoot Guide Connection

The Barefoot Guide Connection is a global and local community of social change leaders and practitioners, from many countries, sharing our diverse practices to deepen and develop approaches and initiatives to contribute to a changing world.  A sustainable, creative and humane future planet requires multitudes of dedicated social change leaders and practitioners working in vibrant communities of practice.